Domben Pen

Domben is a talented Afrobeat artist known for his inspirational and motivational songs. Born and raised in Nigeria, he developed a passion for music at a young age and started writing and performing his own songs. His music is deeply influenced by his faith in God, and he often uses his lyrics to encourage listeners to pursue their dreams and stay true to their beliefs.


Domben’s music is characterized by catchy beats, vibrant rhythms, and uplifting messages. He has released several hit singles, including “Mercy” “My Friend” “My Lane” “Zero Hour” “Enjoyment” “Gorimakpa” “Teniola” “Lamba” and a lot more which have earned him a dedicated following among young people in Nigeria and beyond. His music has been praised for its positive, empowering messages, and for its ability to inspire listeners to overcome challenges and pursue their goals.

In 2023, Domben Pen released his highly anticipated EP, “My Lane,” which features a mix of upbeat and introspective tracks. The EP has been a commercial success, earning critical acclaim and generating millions of streams on digital platforms. Domben’s fans (Dombenpeners) praise him for his unique sound, his heartfelt lyrics, and his dedication to spreading positivity and hope through his music.

Despite his success, Domben remains humble and grounded, and he is committed to using his platform to make a positive impact on the world. He is a role model for young people, and his music serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for anyone who is striving to achieve their dreams. With his talent, passion, and dedication, Domben is poised to become one of the biggest stars in the Afrobeat music scene.